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What is Crypto Currency?

Crypto Currency is a new kind of money.

It's 100% decentralized, meaning no government or bank controls, regulates, or maintains it. This means that, for the first time in human history, anyone can send or receive any amount of money to someone else, anywhere in the world, at lightning speed and without restriction. It's THE currency of the future and the beginning of a more free world. And, you are poised to capitalize on this incredible invention in a HUGE way!

Don't Know Anything About Trading, or Cryptos?

Let our WEEKLY training series guide you! No Trading Expertise Needed!

Not to worry!

We have comprehensive training courses that are fun and easy to understand – not filled with "industry gobbledygook" – which will take you from novice to expert. You'll be the one your friends and co-workers come to for crypto answers and advice (or you can even share your own marketing link and earn while they learn)!

And, as a Full Member Trading Client, we have put together for you easy to follow instructions which will walk you step by step through the entire process from setting up a wallet, learning how to fund your exchange account, and getting your account set-up and ready to go.

Then, we offer continuing education with new training on a regular basis!

After you register for your no-obligation free account, we keep you up to speed on everything we can possibly share with you in this rapidly moving industry!

You'll be in business FOR yourself, but never BY yourself!

ICANLearnAutoTrade takes all the work and hassle out of “mastering” the art of understanding the crypto industry and crypto trading.

You may very well see the day when all transactions are accomplished through the use of digital currencies. Soon YOU will feel like you have graduated with a masters in this exciting new world of digital currencies!

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No worries about needing technical skills, we'll help walk you through it! Whenever you are ready to start using the algorithms, you'll be able to upgrade to Full membership in your free account back office.

The software works tirelessly behind the scenes meticulously researching trusted exchanges which we have arranged for you to choose from. Your account at the Exchange is exactly that... YOUR account! We never touch, hold or in any way control YOUR funds! If you have funds in an exchange not compatible with the software, moving your funds to one of the compatible Exchanges is very little effort.

You will need to maintain a minimum of just $1000 in your trading account for the algorithms to function correctly. If you withdraw from your account leaving less than $1000, the minimum required, the Software will discontinue to trade for you until the minimum deposit is re-established.

Once set up, you'll have full access to your account and statistics in YOUR exchange account. Trades per day, number of profitable trades vs. number of unprofitable trades, your rate of growth and so on! It's that easy!

Learn What the
ICANLearnAutoTrade Software Can Do For You

We'll teach you all about how the software's algorithms can trade cryptocurrency automatically for you so you don't have to!

Find out how the software connects directly to your exchange account and you will be able to accept permission based trades to allow the software to work automatically for you. The software monitors market conditions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The software can do its job for you in any market conditions.

The ICANLearnAutoTrade software works 24/7 365 for you without emotion...

The software algorithms make lightning fast decisions to buy, sell, or hold in up markets, down markets or static markets. It then executes these trades for you, looking for the best opportunities at which to make the most optimal trade. These decisions and trades can happen numerous times throughout a day and can take less time than a human hand to "log in" to a trading account.

The ICANLearnAutoTrade software is designed to increase the dollar value of your account.

Whenever the algorithms execute winning trades, your account balance grows. Note that not every trade is a winning trade! Like with ANY market strategy, an element of risk exists and it is possible to lose value in your portfolio. However, when your account does increases in value, the software will continue to execute trades with trade "limits" set at a strategic amount based on your initial funding level.

Compounding is not an expression which is applicable to how this remarkable software functions. It doesn't work like interest being paid on a savings account, then being added to the total on a daily weekly or monthly basis. Instead, when your account reaches certain "thresholds" in overall value, the software will increase its trade limits as your account grows.

No exchange account for buying and selling of digital currencies? No problem. As a member, we will show you how and where to set up an account with a digital exchange company whose algorithms work with the software algorithms. It really is simple, as you will discover shortly in your member back office!

As a member, you receive detailed instructions on how and where to set up an account with one of the selected digital exchange companies and connect your account. (During the setup process, if you for any reason do not receive a cell phone confirmation, please asap log in and submit a support ticket at the support Tab and your account will manually be approved the next business day.) Again, our staff never has access to YOUR trading account - it's always YOUR account and YOUR money. It really is simple, as you will discover shortly in your Trading Client member back office!

The ICANLearnAutoTrade software can recognize "Bull" and "Bear" markets

The software works in a Bear Market or a Bull Market. It is smart enough to know when to buy and hold thus not showing you a result until a sale is made. It's smart enough to hold tight and just watch for when split second, fast micro trends happen and then take action on these trends faster than any human ever could.

One more thing you should realize about our software...

Our algorithm (AKA ResurgentWare) has a name! It's "STAN." (Start Trading Automatically Now)

We think you and he will become great friends!

STAN works tirelessly 24/7 to trade for you, without personality, without emotion... So, when you set up your completely separate completely autonomous Exchange account, (an account which is not the same account which you may already have at any exchange but a totally new separate autonomous account), under no circumstances should you log in and conduct your own trades.

No, you won't be offending your friend STAN! However, you will trigger the algorithm to cease all trading. This is because STAN is programmed to do the job completely A to Z... Human interference will disrupt the process and cause the software to go into hibernation. Stan will also go into hibernation during periods of EXTREME volatility and not trade at all. Dont be alarmed. Be content knowing STAN is not making risky trades.

You can watch your account as you should, you should check your trades, just do not conduct any self trades.

Always remember this. It's an important change in most people's paradigm. S.T.A.N. is not designed to purchase crypto for you! His Job is to make $ for you on the trades. Some Trades lasting just seconds. Others longer.

If the trending signals S.T.A.N. receives indicate a sustained upward movement then your position will be held until the trending signals reverse. Then You are OUT of the trade. So do NOT think S.T.A.N's Job is "INVEST" for you. It is Not.

S.T.A.N. makes lightning fast calculations based on hundreds of factors and input by programmers, professional crypto traders, and crypto experts, to buy, sell, or hold, in up markets, down markets or static markets. It then executes these trades for you, looking for the best opportunities at which to make the most optimal trade. These decisions and trades can happen numerous times throughout a day and night and takes less time than a human hand to "log in" to a trading account.

When the market is trading 'sideways' S.T.A.N. may not see optimal signals and decide it's better NOT to make any trades at that time. This is NOT just about making trades and 'seeing some action', but to look for the OPTIMAL signals; to make trades that are advantageous and have the best possibilities of being profitable. It doesn't mean EVERY trade will be positive but that is S.T.A.N.'s mission.

S.T.A.N. (the software) is designed to increase the dollar value of your account over time. There is always fluctuation, however as the algorithms execute winning trades, your account balance grows. S.T.A.N.'s track record is unparalleled in the industry!

Some HUGE advantages we offer Brand New for 2023...

And a few more things you should realize about S.T.A.N. and the Software Operations team...

S.T.A.N. is continually being modified by real people, knowledgeable programmers, to increase the efficiency and it's abilities to recognize markets. S.T.A.N. is undergoing constant upgrades because the crypto market is constantly changing. Once onboarded you won't need to do a thing to take advantage of these improvements, they will happen automatically within the software.

And the brand new connection platform has ADDITIONAL BENEFITS we were not able to offer previously...

All this at NO additional cost…

1. New exclusive Trading Client dashboard. With Leonardo DeVinci’s idea in mind that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” we’ve spent thousands of dollars and man hours creating our very sophisticated yet elegantly simple to use and understand “Trading Client dashboard.”

2. Your Trading Client dashboard includes everything you need to both setup your account and check your trading results. It won't be necessary to check your account status on one site and trades on another.

3. Fast and easy connection. We don't expect every one of our Trading Clients to be a rocket scientist or trading guru, and with this onboarding connection process you definitely don't need to be. Gone are any stumbling blocks and instructional pitfalls that new users could be caught up in. The connection process is streamlined, and simple to follow. But just in case you need help we of course still have support teams available through our robust support system.

4. Along with a fast setup time, our Trading Clients will experience a faster 'signal receipt' for S.T.A.N. to start working and receiving trade signals. During our testing phases, we have seen signal receipt beginning within about 36 hours and at times in as little as 24 hours, just be aware that it COULD take up to 72 hours for first signals to be received, but we don’t expect that as a rule. (This is only for initial setup to begin receiving optimal trade signals.)

5. With the new exclusive connection platform the settings and parameters are chosen from drop-down menus with no calculations or outside figuring that needs to take place. This set up process is so easy, we can confidently activate the accounts without the extensive and time-consuming manual verification previously used to 'approve' accounts.

Two Algorithms work as ONE

6. And best of all... TWO algorithms for the price of one! Besides the existing algorithm for 'long' trades, S.T.A.N. now has an additional new algorithm to take advantage of the bear market by utilizing a “short” strategy). This means S.T.A.N. will not only be looking for 'long' trades, but also 'short' trades. While S.T.A.N. will NEVER trade for the sake of trading, this addition means potentially more movement, more action, and more trades can happen.

It’s YOUR Account!

Your account at the Exchange is exactly that... YOUR account! We never touch, hold or in any way control YOUR funds! If you have funds in an exchange not compatible with the software, moving your funds to one of the compatible Exchanges takes very little effort.

Just follow our simple 'onboarding' instructions.

All your account statistics on performance will be available in your account... Trades per day, amounts, number of profitable trades vs. number of unprofitable trades, and so on in real time! This is YOUR information.

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Simple but Powerful Features!

ICANLearnAutoTrade is the easiest and fastest way to get into automatic software based Cryptocurrency trading!

Cutting Edge Software

The software is designed to work tirelessly for you-24/7... designed for one purpose - to help you get the best experience in the crypto-currency market place.

Safe, Secure, and Reliable!

ICANLearnAutoTrade works seamlessly with your own approved crypto exchange account. The software was written by a U.S. based development team .

Streamlined Software Experience

The software has the ability to help you execute multiple trades an hour or just a few over the course of several days. It all depends on the market conditions.

Extensive Support

We help you every step of the way. Full instructions are available in your back office and support staff are available through our support system. And, if you opt into our training packages, you also get access to complete Step-by-Step training AND continuing education via our video training series.

Up or Down Trends? No Problem!

It matters not if it's a Bear or Bull market on a day by day basis. The software will recognize the most opportunistic moments to make potential suggested executions!

No Huge Upfront Investment!

Get started with as little as $1k in your exchange!

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